What’s CYEL ?


JCI Luxembourg - CYEL

In 2006 the Business Commission started a major project for JCI Luxembourg called CYEL.


CYEL = Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg

The ambition of this award is :

to determine the most Creative Young Entrepreneur established in Luxembourg.

06 September 2021

Launch of the application process


1 November 2021

End of the application process  Exceptionnally extended due to the Covid-19  crisis

12 November

Pre-Selection by the Jury

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Creative Young Entrepreneur

What’s JCI ?

We are a membership-based nonprofit organization of 200,000 young people ages 18 to 40 in 5,000 communities and more than 140 countries around the world. Each JCI Member shares the belief that in order to create lasting positive change, we must improve ourselves and the world around us.
We seek targeted solutions to the unique problems in our communities to build a better world, creating global impact.

Making a World of Difference

There is a limit to what governments are able to achieve in society. As responsible citizens in a globalized world, JCI members take on the challenges around them through local development initiatives. These tailored projects require members to use strategic planning and critical planning to craft creative solutions to the problems of their communities.

Be Better

 JCI members seek ways to live out our slogan, Be Better. We think critically about society’s greatest challenges and act on behalf of our communities to be part of the solution. We seek better solutions to build better communities, creating a better future.

The Original Active Citizens

As global citizens, we all have rights and responsibilities, as well as shared goals. Through active citizenship, we enact our sense of social responsibility to work towards these goals and benefit communities worldwide.

Our Founder, Henry Giessenbier, was the original active citizen. He took steps to engage young people in civic involvement in 1914, and JCI members worldwide have followed his lead ever since.

A Grassroots Movement with International Scope

In JCI, the action is local, but our principles and impact are global. Members understand that in a globalized world, their local actions echo across the globe. 5,000 JCI Local Organizations addressing problems in their communities are united in a global movement creating global impact.

One Year to Lead

With this principle at its core, the JCI structure offers leadership opportunities to new members each year. One year to shine. One year of impact. One year to lead.


To find out more about the international organization (JCI) and the national organization (JCI Luxembourg) please follow the links below:
JCI (Junior Chamber International) –
JCI Luxembourg –








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